21-23 MAY 2024


Industry Solutions Awards

The IOT Solutions World Congress is honored to present the “Industry Solutions Awards”. These awards shine a spotlight on the most preeminent digital transformation projects across industries such as Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Smart Buildings & Cities, Connected transport & Smart Mobility and Cybersecurity.

The awards distinguish the exceptional work of IOT and digital transformation in specific fields and highlight the results that are transforming industries by creating greater efficiency, sustainability and connection to the people served.

As the challenges facing our planet grow, so does the need for game-changing solutions. The Industry Solutions Awards celebrate IOT and advanced technologies that are transforming the way the world works.

Proposals can be submitted through the below form until 1st March, 2024. Please, check de Terms & Conditions document to know more about regulations and the evaluation process.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement email after the submission, please contact us as soon as possible at iots.technicaloffice@firabarcelona.com


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